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Amish Dining Room Tables are Elegant Choice

There is often a lot of curiosity expressed as regards the durability and extremely fine quality of Amish made furniture such as Amish dining table. People want to know what it is that results in these modern masterpieces. One of the reasons is the very high quality raw materials used to make Amish furniture and the other main reason is the methodology used to make this kind of furniture.

How the Amish Dining Room Table is made by Amish Direct Furniture:

When Amish dining room tables are made, there is great attention given to the details which makes for an excellent finished product. There are certain old-fashioned methods of constructing the pieces of furniture such as Mortise and Tenon construction which give a great deal of strength and durability to the tables and which also preserves the fine details of the overall design. What gives an Amish table its smoothness and unblemished appearance, is the fact that each piece of wood that constitutes the table is sanded by hand. The seemingly seamless appearance of the tables owes itself to the fact that the table top and leaves are cut from the same piece of wood.

The boards of the table are chosen and arranged for the best visual appeal and the leaves of the table are precision prepared and marked numerically before they are assembled.The Amish use high quality gear slides for easy operation and for excellent support for the table top. Since the Amish do their work the old-fashioned way, the tables are stained individually to ensure complete coverage.


For those that enjoy the antique look, Amish dining room table also comes with a distinctive distressed look, which is a finishing technique that give the furniture piece the look of aging or of an antique. If you want furniture that is long lasting, classy and never goes out of style, which is also of the highest quality, then you really need look no further than Amish-made furniture. To get high quality Amish dining table, visit for more information.